Welcome to the Art Board

January 26, 2017

Welcome to The Art Board, the new Knoxville Graphic House blog! If you’re not familiar with graphic design lingo, you may be wondering what "art-board" means, and why we’ve chosen it as our blog name. Allow us to explain:


In Adobe Illustrator an art-board is an area in which all the elements of a project are contained. In basic terms, it’s a digital canvas where graphic designers create those beautiful images you see and share online, and it’s our number one tool-of-the-trade.



As a true 360° Branding Agency, we manage all elements of the branding process from logo design to print, custom apparel, digital marketing, promotional products and even space design. Much like an art-board in Adobe Illustrator, Knoxville Graphic House clients start as a blank canvas. It’s our job to fine tune their brand. Like an art-board, our blog will contain all of the elements that go into this crazy, chaotic, but always beautiful process.


 We invite you to join us! By following The Art Board, you will find bi-weekly posts giving you an inside look at what a creative branding agency really does, and why it is an important resource for distinguishing a business or brand.

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