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Dream it, Ink it.

Or paint it, or print it, or stamp it, or stitch it. The list could go on for days because here at Knoxville Graphic House we are really good at printing things on things. It doesn't stop there, not only are we innovative printers but we are designers, and really clever ones at that. 95% of our clients come to us because they are in need of something special. Something that tells the world about the brand they are passionate about in a way that hasn't been done before. Our clients stay with us because we offer 360 branding in the ways of strategy, out-of-the-box design, quality production, and implementation. Our specialty is in the hand holding process our clients need to insure they are finding what is right for their company and its employees and customers. Let's face it, when it comes to choosing apparel there are so many options that it is easily overwhelming. That's where we fly in. Check out some of the different Apparel Decorating techniques the House offers and a little insight into choosing what will work best for you.

DTG Printing

It's the wave of the future man! DTG stands for Direct to Garment printing and you'll often find us telling clients it is like a souped-up glorified inkjet printer. Just a really heavy and expensive one!

On a serious note, this is our favorite type of printing. Why?

Because the color is amazing. The ink isn't so heavy it cracks after 3 months of wear. You can get the best quality and realistic print. There aren't set ups or screen fees and all that added cost that you don't see until you get your final invoice. We don't have to house all those screens for when you're ready to reprint next year. If we wanted to print 1 shirt or 1,000 shirts it can handle it all. When a client is priced on a design that is just what they get, no matter how many colors are involved. So you don't have to sacrifice solid design for a 1 color 1 side t-shirt run on something even you wouldn't wear at the end of the day.

The DTG machine is our baby around here and oh how technology has changed. When we first started experimenting with this type of printing years ago, man oh man, did we have issues. The tech just wasn't there and the headaches and machine repairs outweighed the happy clients. As time has passed and the industry has evolved to fix the bugletts, our world is now a happy place. And our clients are over the moon with every project. We can now prove that you don't get the cracking and peeling like the heavy ink lay of screen printing. But you have to know what is right for you, your business, and your budget to make the best decision between the two types of t-shirt printing. For us, our hotrod printer blows any screen printing shop out of the water on quality.

Supertek Heat Transfer

This is a fantastic option for multiple use apparel. It works great for sports teams / jerseys, those soft trendy polyester polos, gym bags, etc. Through the years we have experimented with a variety of Heat Transfer materials. Some did ok and some had our clients right back in the doors of the House for a REDO. No business owner likes to hear the word redo. But I will do something over a million times to make sure it comes out perfect for a client. And they sure know that. So after many trial and errors we found the Holy Grail of Heat Transfer material! Check out these polos that were perfect for Tennessee Truck Driving School.


Embroidery is the most traditional, elegant, and long lasting form of apparel decoration. But it must be done right! Have you ever seen an embroidery job and you can't make out what it is? Or the words aren't clean and crisp? Or even you may have seen one that is stitched so tightly the shirt becomes scrunched. Our job is to make sure the best application is performed on the best quality materials. We pay extra attention to detail on embroidery projects and they turn out fantastic. Embroidery goes great for corporate apparel, hats, and those companies looking for that professional swag. The budget is larger on these projects and the apparel is typically of higher quality. The logo must be digitized first and then priced per piece on the project. Higher quantities will always lower the per piece price for any apparel embellishment job.

Call us today so we can dream up your next project!


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