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We Are Proud To Announce Our WOSB Certification

What does this mean?

It means that Knoxville Graphic House is a 100% woman owned small business (WOSB), certified by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) and the United States Small Business Association (SBA).

The goal of the Woman Owned Small Business certification program is to make sure contracting officers meet supplier diversity spending goals and helps federal agencies achieve the existing statutory goal of five percent of federal contracting dollars being awarded to WOSBs. Creating healthy competition among WOSBs and ensuring these businesses can compete for contracting opportunities.

We contribute diversity to the workplace and have taken this step because we realize some corporations have separate spending goals for both small businesses and women owned businesses. We make it easy for you to satisfy your branding goals with one full service alternative marketing and design firm. From products to strategy, design, & management our creative team produces the best work in the most inspiring and interesting workplace. We promote our commitment to quality work in the community and across our brand.

We know from personal experience that our work is memorable, successful, fun and at times powerful.

To see this browse our portfolio and learn more about Knoxville Graphic House through our About Page. We are going to kick off our heals now and have a glass of champagne (or in typical Courtney fashion, tie up our bandanas and have a beer on the back porch). Here’s to the future and a more inclusive and diverse workplace!

To find out more about Knoxville Graphic House's WOSB Certificate, call us at 865-971-1007 or email us at contact@knoxvillegraphichouse.com.

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Woman-Owned Small Business Certified

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