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Updated: Jun 17

We are really social, here at KGH. Like so ridiculously social that we just so happen to sell it as one of the services we offer. We wanted to take you a little bit behind the scenes of what we do when we manage a social media account. From developing a strategy, to finalizing copywriting, we make sure accounts looks good, sound good and are drawing in the right people.

The first step to successful management in social media is strategy. With each client we step back and

analyze which platforms would work best for their specific message, campaigns that would gain followers, and help to define a target audience(s) that they want to gain interaction with. Strategy also means doing extensive research on your competitors, both locally and nationally. You can learn a lot about both how to run a successful campaign and how to set yourself apart from the competition by simply researching what other people are doing right and wrong.

Second, you gotta get down and create some content. What type of content your creating is dependent on the client you're working with, but it's one of the most fun (and labor intensive) parts of the process. In the video below, you can follow along as we take food photography for one of our awesome clients, West Hills Flats and Taps. Content creation is a vital part of the process, because you have to be aware of the content you need, go into it with a plan, and work far in advance.

Last, but certainly not least, we take on copywriting. As we are scheduling posts, we have to write about 30+ captions for each of the accounts that we manage, multiply those for each platform a client has and we probably put out 100+ messages per month per client! For each different client, we have to make sure that we are using the proper tone for the message we want to send. The overall tone of a social media caption helps to develop their brand's specific voice. Developing a unique and interesting brand voice is not an easy task, but through teamwork and harsh editing, KGH gets it done. Then you have to get all that content into the calendar, by the first of the month.

Social media management isn't easy. I mean, think about how long it took you to write your last instagram caption, or pick the perfect .gif to tweet? But we've got it down to a science and love the thrill of the hustle each and every month.

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