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We Love Direct To Garment Printing. Here’s why:

Although screen printing is a reliable, tried, and tested technique, there are so many advantages to digital textile printing! Here, we’ll highlight some of the most common questions we get about DTG Printing and explain why we love our direct to garment printer so much!

Isn’t screen printing more cost effective than DTG? While it is true that screen printing can drive down price with large orders, DTG has its own advantages when it comes to cost. With direct to garment printing, there are no set up fees which is perfect for both large and small orders alike! Because there is no need to prep artwork, burn screens, or set up a press to begin production, customers can save money by avoiding such fees. Another financial advantage to using direct to garment? COLOR! When screen printing, a screen must be burned for each color which is printed one color at a time and complicates the process. With each color that is added, price per unit goes up and costs could be astronomical. Using direct to garment printing there are unlimited color opportunities for your design!

Doesn’t screen printing offer a higher quality print? Again, it is true that screen printing results in a quality image with a great finish, however this too can have its disadvantages. The thick, opaque ink that is used for screen printing adds texture to the outside of the fabric which can be subject to peeling, chipping, or cracking over time. DTG inks were developed by an experienced team of chemistry professionals and blends with the fabric without adding extra texture. This creates, not only a lasting image, but also a soft, comfortable custom piece of apparel.

This photo shows actual prints using a direct to garment machine. The art can be easily adjusted to accommodate multiple colors or design variations within an apparel order without driving up price. This type of printing can achieve detailed, high quality prints without sacrificing color for the sake of cost!

What is our number one reason for using a direct to garment machine? OUR PLANET! Unfortunately, screen printing is not the most environmentally friendly. Water is used to mix ink and clean screens which seems harmless, however, if a print shop is printing hundreds of shirts daily this water waste and pollution can really add up. Our direct to garment machine uses an energy saving waterless process in order to reduce the environmental impact. Our water-based DTG inks are also free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Examples of designs perfectly suited for Direct to Garment Printing

1. Post Modern Spirits - This is the best option when your prints are highly detailed and colorful, but screen printing would be way too expensive!

2. Knoxville Zoo - When you need to achieve picturesque texture.

3. All Out Knoxville - When compromising on color also means compromising brand integrity.

4. Knoxville Graphic House - When you need a printer that is as creative as you are and can achieve color gradients, feathering, and drop shadows!

5. Event Shirts - When you need a smaller run of personalized apparel and don't want to pay for all the expensive screen fees.

So next time you are searching for an apparel printer, forget the horror stories you’ve heard about direct to garment and consider your options! Call us today at 865.971.1007. We would be happy to help you print your own custom apparel and show you what our DTG printer can do!

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