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The success of a company lies fully on the team who holds it together.

Managing a leading team from a mom boss.

It's the team's belief in a company's vision and hard work day in and day out which make a difference. A most effective leader knows it is all up to the Employees. A company which ensures its employees continue to grow and thrive, will cause the same for the business that promotes it. This is why Knoxville Graphic House "the House" is making waves as an Award Winning, Talent Driven, New Kid On The Block, Creative Agency. Throughout this article I share some of the important aspects of the House culture and how these little in-house elements make a huge difference in our office dynamics.

family breakfast.

It's about group meetings, being inclusive & supportive, coming together as a team, and managing expectations. When I first started my business years ago, many people gave the advice "Your employees are not your friends." Well, in some aspects that is correct. The more friendly you become you run the risk of lines being blurred and expectations to sway. However, my employees are my friends. They are my 'Team frands'. We laugh together, we celebrate accomplishments together, and we work really hard together growing an agency we all believe in. Just like any healthy relationship, we know and voice our boundaries. Every Monday morning I get up early and get breakfast for my team. We start our day huddled in the Design Room chowing down and game planning for the week ahead. And for us, it works. As the Leader I have a responsibility to keep my team on task and ensure they are happy, healthy, and productive. We all know it starts with breakfast!


Not the competition you are thinking of. We do plenty of keeping our eye out on what's going on in town. I'm talking about friendly office competition. We do chili cook-offs, ugly sweater contests, turkey hands, rock faces, we do pretty much anything that involves laughter and light office competition.

interact with clients.

The House makes a point on a weekly basis to go out into the community and interact with our clients. A business wouldn't exist if it weren't for the clients that believe in it and support it. So to retain those fantastic clients we must reciprocate it right back to them. We go to grand openings, take funny onsite photos when we deliver products, we take time out to show our clients that we are proud of what they are doing. When we have an initial meeting with a client we take some nontraditional notes on hobbies they are into, their children's names, or their favorite tv show. We keep them in our back pocket and take opportunities to do something out of the blue to show our love for our clients. We hand write letters and thank you notes, and we take time to appreciate the people that use our services. We are also known to deliver oranges, candy and donuts to neighbors in the area!


The support behind the scenes at the House is just awesome. Whether it's a birthday, an art show, or just some weekend fun, the team gets together and supports each other. We are also big supporters of the Arts within the Knoxville Community by being members of Art House Knoxville, a Knoxville Museum of Art group dedicated to bringing young professionals to fall in love with the museum, just as we have.

creative respect.

Respect your employees and they will respect you. We talk a lot about each others time and interest and we all know that if we don't do our job or slack in any way, that someone else on the team will feel the pull. Respecting each other is one of the House's biggest traits among the Team. It is also important for me as the Creative Director to take the time and individually show my appreciation to each employee, maybe it's a pat on the back and a good job smile, sometimes it's seeing beyond the daily work film and realizing one of your employees is just having a bad day (don't we all have those days!) and encouraging them. We are growing together at Knoxville Graphic House and each accomplishment is shared. Which also means each tumble is felt together. We are not perfect but when a problem arises, we put our heads together as a group and solve it first. And after work we might be known to get together and voice the frustration. But by the end of each day we know that we have conquered it together. And that is what gives us HEART and makes us STRONG.


Most of all, we have fun.

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