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As a Business to Business Design Agency, we design work for various industries. Even though we love this city just as much as the next person, we don’t often have the opportunity to show our support on an individual level. Giving back to the community is always on our radar, and when the opportunity arises and we have the means to do so—we dive in head first.

Last summer, Knoxville Graphic House and the Knoxville Museum of Art (KMA) came together to give back in a GIANT way. We visited with West View Elementary School on Knoxville’s west side and had a few of their creative art students draw what came to mind when they thought of Knoxville. After gathering these inspirational drawings, we fused them together to create one collaborative design.

We came together with around 20 other volunteer’s from the Knoxville Museum of Art, West View Elementary, and helpful locals to paint a mural on the side of the School! This two-story wall was a perfect colorful representation of the City’s iconic features in a playful way. After 76 hours total, the mural was finished and proudly reflecting the creativity of the West View students. The best part of this project was witnessing the drawings come to life on a massive scale—only to further inspire current and future students for years to come.

We even got to leave a special gift for their Art Room to enjoy! One of Courtney's, KGH Owner and Creative Director, favorite books “The Day The Crayons Quit”. And as a thank you the West View Elementary Art students collaged special drawings and wrote handwritten thank you notes that are still hanging in our office today.

We know that designers can get bombarded with asks from nonprofits to, well, you name it. Sometimes it is hard not to get jaded by those incoming phone calls. We encourage our peers to take the time to give back when it feels right. Staying humble has always been a big part of the KGH motto and when you do, man does it lift your spirit and touch others you never knew needed it.


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