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Updated: Jun 17

Success and hard work go hand in hand. There's just no way around it. The creative team at Knoxville Graphic House has put heart and soul into this past year and it is evident in the awards and accomplishments obtained. KGH was fortunate enough to recently share and celebrate with clients at the annual Open House. Giving away little succulents as a thank you for growing with and

supporting KGH. PostModern Spirits, one of their many fun clients, created a special Watermelon Gin Rickey cocktail recipe that was the hit of the evening! You can find the recipe on the KGH Instagram Story and trust us, it's worth trying.


Keep Knoxville Beautiful: Orchid Award Nomination

Earlier this year Knoxville Graphic House was nominated for the Orchid Award in the Public Art category organized by Keep Knoxville Beautiful. Knoxville Mayor Rogero spoke about the importance of making and sustaining this beautiful city. Although most of the winners were city funded projects the Team gave themselves a big pat on the back for the hard work that was done to complete the project. The Mural on the side of KGH is a 'thank you' to the neighbors, friends, and community for welcoming and believing in the creativity that comes out of the building on Ailor Avenue.


Graphic Design USA American Inhouse Design Award Winner, Say what! We are still in shock. The Knoxville Graphic House mural is gaining national recognition. Competing among nearly 6,000 entrants nationwide, winning the P-o-p, Signs, Displays + Environmental Graphics Category. KGH is now featured on the Graphic Design USA website and will be in the spring publication with a readership of more than 100,000. Courtney Jernigan, Owner and Creative Director, designed the two-story mural depicting her daughter after the Knoxville Graphic House building was vandalized in the fall of 2016. KGH held a block party where Jernigan and Shane Sandberg (a fellow community artist) took the lead and the KGH staff directed and coached the locals to jump in on the fun.

She believes in the local talent and is excited to see all the eyes looking onto the Knoxville art scene from this accomplishment. It has quickly become a community staple for picture taking. The Team is proud and excited but most of all humbled by the outpouring of support from clients and friends. Jernigan now sits on the Board of Trustees for the Knoxville Museum of Art. Not to mention she is the Marketing Committee Chair, on the Executive Committee, the Guild Yearbook Officer, and a founding Art House Committee member helping the next generation find love for the museum! KGH has gained many new clients and friends; celebrated multiple Grand Openings. For the Team the best part is watching a client's brand and dreams come to life. And they can relate!

Winner of the People's Choice Award #WhyKnox Video.

This year has been the year of firsts and they have been working hard on obtaining the WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) certification which will open doors and give more to the KGH client family. Knoxville Graphic House became a Premier Partner with the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce and is eager to get involved in the community and support all that Knoxville has to offer.

Whew! And thats just scratching the surface. Check out our year in review video below. So much office silliness mixed in with some our favorite projects.

Call us today if you want to join our amazing and wild family of clients.

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