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Light Writing

In conjunction with the Virtual Views exhibit at the Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville Graphic House was honored to host an event to showcase the new exhibit. Through long-exposure photography, guests were able to create their own piece of art by "writing with light." With a few instructions and materials, you will be creating your own!


  • A dark room or preferably night time outside

  • A DSLR camera

  • Lights! You can use a flashlight, your phone, glow sticks, etc.

  • A tripod to steady the camera

Start by creating your dark space. Ideally, you would be outside at night, but a dark room would work as well. Attach your camera to the tripod. Now set your camera to manual mode and make the shutter speed 30 seconds or you can set it to bulb mode. This allows for the shutter to stay open as long as the trigger is pushed. A longer shutter speed means more time that the light is allowed through the lens. Set your ISO to one hundred or two hundred, depending on how dark it is. Set the aperture to 5.6. A lower aperture means less light is entering the lens. The higher the aperture, the less light.

Use a remote or set it to a two second timer so you have time to get in front of the camera.

Face your light towards the lens and starting writing, dancing, and doodling! You'll have thrifty second to create your piece. When the shutter goes off, check out your masterpiece! Get some inspiration from of the pieces we made from the other night:

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