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The Sticky Stuff: A Modern Tweak to Branding

From the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux to street and graffiti artists such as Shepard Fairey or Banksy, people have been making their mark on the walls around them seemingly since the beginning of time. Today, many people are turning to large wall graphics for powerful and effective advertising.

Murals can create a sense of community, make a space become more welcoming, or even help a business grow. It is undeniable that murals have transformative results for any space, but, as of late, digital techniques have been introduced that transform the way we think about space design. Now, if you want to cover large surfaces with engaging imagery; you have options! Which option is the right one for you? Now let's explore vinyl for branding purposes, how it compares to traditional murals, as well as different types of vinyl that can be utilized to transform your space.


...is precious. Especially for business owners, therefore, time can be a huge factor when deciding between traditional and digital murals. Both design processes can range anywhere from one to four weeks. Design adjustment and edits are almost unavoidable, but, if your mural is in the hands of someone you trust then less time will be spent going back and forth to achieve the perfect design. Once the design is finalized, vinyl images must allow for a week of production while traditional murals require a similar amount of time to gather materials and prep the site. The real time difference for these two methods, however, is the installation. Painted murals require several days or even weeks to complete, but vinyl installations merely take a few hours! This quick and painless installation is perfect for establishments that cannot afford to have interference with day to day business such as restaurants, doctors offices, etc.


...another important thing to consider when deciding what type of space design is right for you. Although hand painted murals are unique, one of a kind pieces of art that last for years and cannot be easily replicated, one must surrender a supreme amount of control to the artist. This can be intimidating for business owners. Vinyl graphics are great for those with a specific vision. Since all images are created digitally, one could print an existing image (such as a logo), modify an image to fit your aesthetic, or even commission a unique design from a graphic artist! Vinyl is also easy to clean, maintain, and replace on any surface which is perfect for high traffic areas that require durability. In any case, one can maintain control of the design, achieve more of a dimensional look, and have peace of mind because there is less room for error in production.


The final aspect to consider for any space design is cost. The range for a hand painted mural can be between $20-$50/sq.ft. which can add up quickly. Vinyl, however, usually costs somewhere between $12-$20/sq.ft. If your budget is really tight, Knoxville Graphic House can even offer small vinyl options such as vinyl lettering or window clings that can transform your space subtly. Overall, both of these are fantastic options that will create a fresh and engaging space.

Ultimately, however, the decision comes down to a balance of cost, aesthetic, and time.


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