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Ever feel like the rat race of managing a business and all of its moving parts can feel a little like those insanely fast repetitive songs of your childhood? You know, the ones that get stuck in your head all day long and you have to turn on Wu Tang at your office to adult for a second. We know how that feels and are here to help! Knoxville Graphic House has shown major growth over the past few years. One contributing factor to this is our ability to manage social media marketing (SMM) for clients big and small. From simple graphics to full blown successful and influential social media campaigns, we take the stress away and focus on consistency, quality, and formulated timing.

What is SMM?

Social media marketing is a tool that companies use to reach their target audiences with a specific message. This outlet is used by different companies across the world. KGH finds SMM important for our own business because it gives us a way to connect and engage with our clients on both a professional and personal level. For our clients, SMM allows their business to run efficiently while we execute the content and scheduling leaving their company without the worry of when or what to post.

Brand Consistency

In order to be effective in SMM, it is important to understand: your brand, your goals, your audience, and the social media platforms to reach them. Knowing your brand should be the easy part but sometimes it is not as easy to know your voice or tone, your end goals and the audience you need to reach. Having a company that can: uncover this voice and use it consistently, understand the most appropriate ways to express your goals and create a strategy, identify target audiences that will react to your message, and has expert knowledge is imperative to the vision and success of your campaign.

Platforms to Watch


Facebook is the most frequently visited social media site with about 1,860,000,000 monthly users that login (dreamgrow.com). This platform is used most for communication through sharing important milestones, messages, and events. It is just as easy and important to use Facebook for your company as it is for you to use it personally. With the ability to boost posts, Facebook has become more company friendly than most other media outlets. Boosting posts allows you to pay to push important messages to a wider variety of audiences. Facebook also offers “Insight” of viewer statistics which can prove to be beneficial to a company's understanding of their actual audience versus their intended target audience.


Though it is hard to share a lengthy message on Twitter, it is known for its ability to start and maintain conversations through trending topics and hashtags. People frequently reach out to a company's Twitter when they are looking for a quick response. Having experts (That’s Us!) there to respond appropriately makes your company more credible and keeps that conversation about your brand more positive. Twitter also offers a boosting outlet, however, it is not as specific as Facebook is when it comes to narrowing down what posts you want to be boosted.


This platform is known for its visual storytelling. According to DreamGrow.com, Instagram has almost 600,000,000 monthly users. By knowing what it is that your audience wants to see and being able to get them engaged, you will be able to market on this platform successfully. However, being up to date on trends and hashtags will prove to be critical when turning to Instagram for marketing. This platform is great for visual companies to showcase their what it is they do (we showcase our work here). Instagram now allows users to have an Optimized Business account with promotional options, allowing certain posts to be pushed more than others.


LinkedIn is the business-to-business social media platform. This platform is the number one outlet for connecting with businesses, groups, and professionals to push your messages. With LinkedIn, it is important to have an extensive knowledge of how the platform works and where you can find the connections that you need. It’s like your company's résumé shared over and over to create buzz in the professional world. On LinkedIn you can add work you've done, blogs, and showcase pages to gain credibility through endorsements.

Hiring Someone / Why?

Are you thinking, “why would I hire someone else to do social media marketing for me? It seems easy enough.” The best answer is that managing and implementing social media marketing is very time consuming. Many people find themselves not having the time to take the photo, generate the text, design the graphic, or do the audience research. Creating and maintaining your social media brand can be hard. Why wouldn't you have people who are educated on how to manage a project like this do the job for you? The big mistake we see with most of our first time clients is the inconsistent approach, posting when you think of it, or with no knowledge of the times of day their target audiences are scrolling. What’s the point of all that work if no one will ever see it?

KGH for your SMM Management

KGH’s Marketing department is staffed with educated people who have degrees in Communications and Public Relations. This means that they have extensive knowledge in audience research and the creation of unique campaigns. Aside from them, we have an experienced team of designers and artists that can create graphics to fit a brand's personality perfectly. Here at KGH, we have those out-of-the-box ideas for social media to fit a wide range of business needs. Our end goal is to make our clients stand out in a world of clutter.

If you are interested in seeing more of what Knoxville Graphic House can do, check out our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For more information on how KGH can help with your social media marketing, email us at marketing@knoxvillegraphichouse.com

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