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What Can KGH Bring to Your Business?

We are asked a lot, “What does Knoxville Graphic House do?” We, of course, always say that we are a 360° creative branding agency and that we can do everything from conceptual designs and marketing to execution and implementation. However, we could talk a person’s ear off about all the things that we do day-in and day-out. So, to break things down more, we will showcase some of the things that we do for one of our client’s business. East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry has continuously been one of our most exciting clients to work with because we do everything for them from marketing and promotional materials to space designs.

Logo & Logo Elements

What makes a brand? A brand begins with the logo because it is the first thing many people remember about a company. Though we did not create East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry's logo, we used their original as inspiration for additional icons and designs we create for them that they use on a day-to-day basis. At Knoxville Graphic House, we have just as much fun adding elements to and revamping logos as we do building them from scratch.


We have designed and printed some eye-catching pieces of apparel for ETPD. These shirts have been designed for adults and children. They have showcased on one of their shirts a motto of theirs, "Floss Like a Boss". There are also shirts for the patients that read, "I (tooth heart) My Dentist". Apparel is critical to display a brand. Apparel inspires interest in a companies brand when it is displayed effectively and creatively. It also gives an outlet for loyal customers to share their own personal satisfaction with your company and its brand. Apparel printing at Knoxville Graphic House is done on our direct-to-garment (DTG) printer.

Space Design & Painting

With all these artists in the building, there is no surprise that we like to make all forms of art. We have been able to incorporate our love for space design and painting into East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry's office. We have produced beautiful works of art on the walls of the waiting room and in the examination rooms. Each room is based on a different skyline from a major city. We did NewYork, Paris, Tokyo, and London to go with the passport theme that ETPD has for the patients. On top of the space designs, KGH also designed and painted corn-hole boards for the kids to play. One may ask, "Why would I need my walls hand designed and painted?" You don't, however, if you are wanting to make your home or businesses space unique and memorable like ETPD wanted, then we are capable of making this happen.


With one of our specialties being in-house printing, we design and print for ETPD: medical history forms, letterhead and envelopes, patient information forms, thank you cards, passports cards, business cards, appointment cards, and office props for families. By keeping us the sole designers and printers, ETPD is able to keep consistency through branding and the design process.

Promotional Products

We have had a lot of fun designing and producing some of East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry's promotional materials. Some of these products are simply for the patients and some of the products are seasonal themed. Some fun promotional materials we have produced for ETPD are: backpacks, "You're the balm" Valentine's Day chapstick and cards, tooth name cards, stickers, informative presentation boards, and are currently working on more projects.

Molar Express

Some days we get to get out of the office and do really exciting projects. For East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry, we helped produce their biggest marketing tool... The Molar Express. The Molar Express is a side brand to East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry that. It is a train that ETPD takes to places for kids to ride in and we got to paint it! On top of painting the Molar Express, we also designed: shirts, marketing materials, and the actual train tickets.

Booth Design

Of course, we do other things for out of the office events. For ETPD, we designed the tent, table cloth, and the flag that they fly when they go places for marketing events or expos. We made the tent unique to their brand with playful designs of cartoon teeth on it along with their brand colors and logo. The tent is attention grabbing and fun to reflect the vibrant personality of ETPD's company culture.


At Knoxville Graphic House, we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to order and re-order products. Our website offers a store and showroom to all of our clients that allows for easy purchases of products. The show room allows for the simple re-ordering of all products that a client may have already purchased from us. The photo to the right shows an example of how easy it is for East Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry to go into their showroom and make purchases on products that we have made for them like shirts and promotional materials.

Additional Work

Knoxville Graphic House enjoys showing our clients just how much they mean to us. We love making videos in our office to showcase our clients work. We have made a happy birthday video for ETPD, available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

If you are wondering what KGH could bring to your business, well if it has anything to do with: design, painting, printing, promotional products, marketing, or fun… we can probably make it happen. If you are interested in learning more about what Knoxville Graphic House can do for your business, email us at contact@knoxvillegraphichouse.com. While you are at it, check out our Facebook and Instagram to get an inside look at what we do at work.

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